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People who enjoy the beach find plenty to get excited about in Mentor, Ohio. Home to the longest public access swim beach in the Buckeye State, Mentor boasts a wealth of retail stores, restaurants, and nightlife. Unfortunately, Mentor is also home to an inordinate number of folks who struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction. If this applies to you or to someone that you care about, Mentor Addiction Treatment Centers would like to tell you everything you need to know about confidential addiction treatment centers.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Mentor

Ohio Drug Abuse Trends

According to the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, the drugs most commonly abused in the Cleveland area include Fentanyl, Suboxone, and a form of concentrated marijuana called dabs. Alpha-PVP "flakka" use is also commonly seen amongst persons who seek rehab help at Mentor addiction treatment centers. Ecstasy or "Molly," crystal methamphetamine, and heroin are relatively recent additions to the Mentor drug abuse scene, as well. Diverted prescription drugs such as OxyContin and Norco contribute mightily to the drug addiction trends in the region. Powdered and crack cocaine are not as prevalent here as in other parts of Ohio, but when they are used, the effects are as devastating as anywhere, notes the MHA.

Are You Addicted?

If the first thing you think about when you start your day is where to get drugs than you probably have a drug dependence problem. If you shell out more cash than you can afford just to maintain a supply of your favorite intoxicant, you could benefit in a big way by cleaning up your act at one of the confidential centers for addiction treatment in Lake County and surrounding areas.

Addiction shows itself in missed work days and skipped school classes. Someone who is addicted may stop hanging out with friends and family while spending more time with drug dealers and bartenders. When a person is addicted they feel anxious and sick when their supply of drugs wanes or runs out. The addict may find themselves requiring increasing amounts of a drug to experience the same effects they used to get from taking a lower dose. Drug addiction is a progressive disorder that doesn't resolve on its own. The surest way out of drug dependence is by way of a skilled alcohol and drug rehab in Mentor or local area that provides inpatient care along with cognitive behavioral therapy, peer support groups, and medical withdrawal assistance when warranted.

Addiction is a Real Medical Condition

If anyone tells you that your addiction is a sign of moral weakness then that is simply not true. Addiction can happen to anyone who takes certain sorts of drugs. Opiate pain medications can be very useful for an injury, but many people who take such medications find themselves dependent on the drug well after their injury has healed. If you become accustomed to taking strong prescription painkillers and now find yourself unable to stop taking them, we can tell you where to find withdrawal help at a number of respectable rehabs in and around the Mentor area.

About Mentor, Ohio

Established shortly before Ohio became a state in the early 19th century, Mentor has seen its fair share of American history. Due to Mentor's remarkable abundance of roses, the town boasts the sweetly scented nickname "Rose Capital of the Nation." Unlike many other cities in Ohio, Mentor has its own flag. Triangular in shape, the blue flag with white stripes features a cardinal and a half dozen stars that represent the six original townships of Ohio. Mentor boasts more retail outlets than other Ohio cities as well as a lovely assortment of restaurants that range from casual eateries to five-star fine dining restaurants.

How Mentor Addiction Treatment Centers  Can Help

Life is good in Mentor, and it's even better when you're not stuck dealing with a troublesome drug habit. We can help you find the help you need to get well. We are not a rehab facility but we are affiliated with the finest treatment centers across the state and we can tell you all about them. Call Mentor Addiction Treatment Centers  today (877) 804-1531.

Upcoming Mentor AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
AA RIVERSIDE Thu, 8:30 PM St. Christopher-by-the-River C 7601 Old Mill Rd, Gates Mills, OH 44040
NA United Methodist Church Tue, 7:30 PM River Street Recovery Group 4181 River Street, Willoughby, OH 44094
AA Fairport Wednesday Wed, 8:00 PM St. Anthony's Plum St, Painesville, OH 44077
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